1-(888) Adult Chat Lines
    Since 1997, Big Hitters has been hosting over 1,000 of the hottest adult chat lines available in the U.S. and Canada.

    We offer a 100% turnkey opportunity, where your only job is to promote or advertise your chat line number.

  • There is no programming experience required.
  • We provide live phone sex actresses.
  • Live Interactive Group Chat (Dating).
  • We provide credit card billing and support.
  • You get paid $1 per billed minute.
  • You can track your sales.
  • Payouts are mailed out once per month.
  • Free banners, sample videos, & marketing support.

Additional Program Information... 

100% Turnkey Programming  
Big Hitters provides all the programming, design, credit card billing, customer support, web hosting, and domain name registration, leaving you to concentrate solely on the promotion and marketing of your website for maximum profits. 

24/7 Sales Tracking  
You will be provided 24/7 access to your website's hits and sales activity via Big Hitters online tracking center. You will also have 24/7 access to tons of marketing materials, including banners, buttons, plus half and full page color ads that can be used to help market your website. 

Marketing Your Web Site  
Effective marketing is the key to success with any of Big Hitters programs.  
Depending on your advertising budget, you may want to consider advertising in newspapers, magazines, tabloids, classifieds, direct mail, search engines, news-groups and forums, radio, or even television. Stick within your budget and be prepared to be flexibile with how your advertise your website. 

3-Day Setup time  
Your website or chatline will be fully programmed and ready for business within 3 business days from receipt of payment. The one-time setup fee for this program is only $99.00, plus a $25 monthly service fee, covering the 
cost of domain name renewal fees, unlimited bandwidth on our high-speed web servers, plus year-round webmaster and technical support.

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  • Each of Big Hitters programs have been proven to earn substantial profits for some, while earning little to nothing for others. 
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